About us

Comprehensive logistics services that combine speed, reliability, and security

We, Kangaroo, stand as one of the premier logistics service providers throughout Palestine. Offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet both domestic and international shipping needs, our main headquarters is situated in Ramallah, with branches strategically covering the entire nation, including
Hebron, Jerusalem, Nablus, and Nazareth.

  We amalgamate speed in delivery and precise collection in one location, meticulously tracking our services with full accuracy to ensure a high-quality customer experience. Striving diligently to provide swift and efficient shipping services unparalleled in our region, we aim to create a distinctive and advanced Palestinian model.  Preserving your financial transactions, we ensure they reach you within a short timeframe, adding unique value to the customer experience.

The company achieves a distinctive balance between speed and precision in its services, making it the preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike—a trusted partner in logistics for those seeking complete reliability.

Our Team